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This is in response to the Work In Progress post at the Unity developer forum.

It shows character behavior that can be produced by the NEEDSIM Life simulation plug-in for Unity.

The "Respawn character" button will create a new character with random levels of satisfaction for his needs. The needs are hunger (orange), diligence (yellowish brown) and sleep (grey) and their satisfaction value (range 0 to 100) is shown with the color-coded bars on top of his/her head. If the character performs an interaction satisfying a need an outline is drawn around the respective bar.

The environment has places that offer satisfaction of needs via interactions (eating, working, sleeping). However, in this example, the time of day manipulates how valuable each need satisfaction is at a specific time of day. For example at night sleeping is very valuable to characters, so unless they are really very hungry they will go to sleep. Three times a day satisfying the need to eat is valuable, so the character will go to eat, unless she/he is caught up in some other activity (each interaction has a duration, e.g. to finish animations) or did for example have a really great breakfast and was missing out on a lot of opportunities to work and satisfy his diligence.


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