4 player couch coop madness!

Recommended: Download the Windows version for optimal experience.

You can play 2 player with keyboard in WebGL or download the game to play with up to 4 controllers. Controller support for WebGL may also work on some browsers.

- Get stuff from the boxes in the warehouse
- Stock the shelves with the right goods (Pick up with Space | Shift or A on the controller)
- Go the register and press (Space | Shift | A) to let customers pay.
- Don't let customers wait or you will lose (red counter in the upper left)
- Make cash (golden counter in the upper left)

Niels Meyering
Erik Wittkorn
Fabian Schlarmann
Sergio Torcanin
Tilman Geishauser
Myungjee Jung
Sumin Kim
Tobias Oberbeck
Patrick Florek

Uses NEEDSIM Life simulation and InControl, both from the Unity Asset Store.


Elves With Shelves Original Windows 21 MB
Elves With Shelves Post-Fix Windows 22 MB
Release.zip 14 MB

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