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This was made for Ludum Dare 33, and is the post- jam version.

We used the NEEDSIM Life simulation that Tilman since then released for the Unity Asset Store, its an interesting tool to check out whilst the game is loading: http://u3d.as/jHp

Increase global fear level by activating objects in the world. But as soon as anyone sees you the fear level is reset to zero.

Activate objects by pressing 'SPACE' whilst touching them.
Move forward pressing 'W'.
Use A and D to orient your body, but not whilst moving forward - you are too anxious to change direction whilst moving.

Angsthase is German for "Scare inducing bunny" ;).


Win Post-Jam 0.2.zip 27 MB
Mac Post-Jam 0.2.zip 29 MB
Linux Post-Jam 0.2.zip 29 MB

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